Pros & Cons of Esports Programs

Feasibility Study



What's included:

Executive Summary

that gives a high level overview of the esports ecosystem, and how your organization fits into the puzzle

Local Area Assessment

that dives into what makes your community unique, and how to best serve the gamers that power events, tournaments, and engagement

Industry Background

that gives relevant information on the esports market, trends, and data

Technical Summary

that illuminates potential facility blueprints, event engagement, and organizational needs of the project at hand

Financial Summary

which will give recommendations on the engines behind esports funding, and look into sponsors, revenue, cost, and budget roadmaps over 1, 3, and 5 year spans.

Stakeholder Feedback

which acts as a mouthpiece for relevant key players within the community, industry, and administration to voice relevant concerns, solutions, and breakthroughs

Final Recommendation

which delivers all relevant info in an easy-to-follow roadmap to support the next five years of sustainability

Additionally, our Feasibility studies look past potential 'facilities' , and into other realms of interest, such as: 

  • Player Recruitment
  • Expansion of Current Program
  • Tourism & Youth Programs
  • Sponsorships & Partnerships
  • Event Management

Our Process

We help our stakeholders understand if esports is right for their campus, organization, or space through an in-depth analysis of the local and regional gaming communities.

Through a 90-day, data-driven assessment, we begin with a Needs Analysis and surveys of relevant stakeholders and community participants. We then take the data and produce a white paper and presentation to review with stakeholders. This presentation will provide a comprehensive evaluation on the potential value of esports for their specific community. If esports is a good fit, we also provide insight on how to effectively build or adapt the right esport facility to support the growing student/gamer base.

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