Women in gaming

3 Important Resources to Support Women in Gaming

Recently, the Overwatch League saw its first female shoutcaster duo in the North American livestream. The response was immediate: many Overwatch League fans—men and women—expressed their support for the casting team and Tweeted about their surprise that it hadn’t been done before.  

A research study by Newzoo found that today, almost 46% of gamers around the world are women.  The industry has struggled to promote women in esports historically but there are new groups and initiatives to support your girl gamer:

The GameHERs

The GameHERs is an online community where female-identifying gamers can interact and play together.

This community focuses on recognizing the impact of female gamers in the gaming space, and has been hosting the yearly GameHERs Awards to honor outstanding women in 5 main aspects of the industry.

Not only is this community a great place to support other women, it can be useful for networking and meeting professionals in the industry.

Queens Gaming Collective

The Queens Gaming Collective is a women-led gaming and lifestyle brand, not unlike household names like FaZe Clan.

The Queens Gaming Collective celebrates diversity and aims to level the playing field in esports by uplifting female players, content creators, and livestreamers.

This organization has a global presence, so there is always a way to get involved or cheer for their female gamers. 


There are many communities in specific esport games made for marginalized players. Galorants is one such community for female and non-binary Valorant players.

Galorants offers a global Discord community, and partners with Riot Games to run Game Changers Academy, a female- and non-binary-only tournament league.

For Valorant players who may not feel comfortable in the male-dominated competitive space, Galorants is a safe space to climb the path to pro. 

Essentially, the more women are seen succeeding as shoutcasters, producers, players, team staff, and other valuable roles in esports, the more women will want to use their skills in esports, and the better the entire industry will become as a whole.