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Esport Supply Academy empowers students, coaches, and administrators to navigate the esports industry with the help of our Esports Experts.

Our experts are former players, coaches, and club founders that have lived through all stages of scholastic esports development and focus on the need-to-know concepts and trainings. The Academy program is a semi-autonomous, module-based learning program that covers topics ranging from Student Leadership to Community Events and everything in-between.

Through the academy program, the user will enhance their own knowledge of the industry, as well as bolstering their school, organization, or own program.

Our Academy Modules

Staff Leadership & Development

A startup guide to help new staff members and administrators effectively learn the ‘why’s’ of leadership within the industry, while simultaneously training up students/kids on lessons of growth.


The power of streaming, broadcasting, and spectating in a more than ever global world.


Social Media, Digital, and Research forms of marketing within the esports industry, and lessons on how to build a personal brand for higher engagement rates.

Community Events

Learning effective event management in a digital world, and how to build a community from scratch based around these events.

Game Mechanics

A technical look into the three most popular current games, how to coach them, and how to play them at a high level.


Exploring the vast array of career pathways within the esports industry, and moving away from the idea of esports being ‘only for competitive gamers’.


The motivations behind why players choose the games they play, information on the global games market, and how to recruit players to your area for specifically esports, whether it be competitive or community recruitment.

Health and Fitness

The importance of physical and mental health in esports, as well as ergonomics, and how to best implement a routine of these factors—without giving up gaming.

Future Trends

An introspective look into the growth of the industry, and emerging trends that will disrupt all forms of gaming, and culture at large.


Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Ben Bramley

Ben Bramley, Head Coach of Esports at Keyano College

“The format is incredibly helpful for the depth of topics. Switching between videos, audio, and text to detailed infographics and sourced articles has helped in practice with my players.”

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