Support Esports

Esport Supply’s Support Esports initiative is invested in bringing gaming and digital technology to local children’s hospitals.

Through our partnership with Gamers Outreach, our goal is to provide the equipment necessary to help connect patients to a world that may sometimes feel out of reach.

By examining the usage of video games within healthcare we can see the multiple benefits they provide, including pain management, creativity, community outreach, and rehabilitation; which are important to the complications faced by the patients, their families, and the community.

Why Esports?

Bringing Patient Care into the 21st Century

Video games, virtual reality, and augmented reality are changing the way hospitals are treating young patients.

From reducing pain while in physical therapy to bringing friendship into chemo treatments and extended stays; it is easy to see the big impact small devices can make.

While gaming can provide entertainment and distraction for children and families during their hospital stay, it can also help with loneliness and isolation.

Many times young patients enduring a long hospital stay experience these issues as their families may be gone most days at work or school. Gaming systems are a great way to connect patients with each other and the outside world.

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