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Passion Into Opportunity

It can be confusing on how to navigate esports as a parent. Your kids love gaming, but you have no idea what the benefits are. Gaming, when moderated effectively, is a healthy tool for social development, problem-solving skills, entertainment, and community navigation. Esports in now the second most-watched sport in the USA behind the NFL, and even more popular globally. Your child’s passion can get them engaged with their school and friends, get a college scholarship, and even lead to a long-term career.

Esport Supply

At Esport Supply, we believe the esports arena is at the heart of any gaming community.  We empower college, university, and high school students, to connect with communities, create engaging experiences for their peers, and captivate fans through competitive gaming.

We have worked with over 60+ institutions on facility build outs, curriculum for esports coaches and student leaders, and procurement of the best esports gaming PCs and furniture in the industry.

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John Pierre

Chancellor, Southern University Law Center

“They saw that having the space here would contribute to the diversity, equity and inclusion in esports.”

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Our goal is to empower students to drive forth a path at their institution to not only legitimize gaming as more than a hobby, but evangelize the school population of admins, parents, and other students to believe in the staying power of the gaming industry—through careers, gaming communities, and tournaments.

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