Kids gaming PC

4 Tips for Parents Picking Gaming PC’s for Kids

With so many choices and limited information, picking out a gaming PC can seem daunting at times, especially as a parent of an aspiring pro-gamer.

Have no fear! The following are some helpful tips for choosing the perfect PC for your child.

Set a Budget, and PCs Purpose 

The Average Gaming PC usually costs upward of $800. That being said, the price varies depending on if the PC is pre-built (built by the manufacturer) or custom built and the purpose of the PC. It is important to establish your budget ahead of time to avoid overspending on a PC that does not fit your gaming needs.

One should also consider that while the upfront cost of a custom PC is greater than a pre-built one, over time replacing parts for a custom PC is a lot cheaper.

When it comes to gaming PCs, there should be a priority of game quality, meaning higher FPS (frames per second) and low input lag.

These qualities are mainly determined by a PCs GPU (graphics processing unit,)  CPU (central processing unit,) and monitor.

Though other components like the quality of cables can also play a factor. You should look to spend a majority of your budget on a strong GPU and CPU, but don’t let these parts hinder the quality of other components within your gaming PC.

Talk to a Professional

Tech professionals know PCs the best so it is extremely beneficial to include a professional in your selection process for consulting purposes.

Professionals can be found at any local technology store or even online.

Esport Supply offers online consulting services and is a great recourse for parents who are looking for a gaming pc for their kids.

Customization Options

A PC has many different parts working in unison similar to organs in the human body.

The big difference between a PC and a living body is that you can swap/upgrade different parts to alter how a PC functions.

When changing parts in a PC it is extremely important to not go in blind, one wrong move can negatively affect other components within the PC ultimately costing you more money.

Make sure to vocalize your desired changes to a professional and stay well informed. You can never be too safe when it comes to altering your PC.

Aestheric Preferences

While some components of a PC are not necessary for your PC to function properly, personalizing your computer is a key component to strengthen the bond between PC and user. The following are some things to consider when personalizing a PC:

  • Size/environment of setup
  • Open or closed PC case
  • Color/RGB lighting
  • Water cooling vs fan cooling
  • Number of monitors
  • Addons (mouse, keyboard, desk, etc..)

To summarize, picking a gaming PC for your child can be overwhelming. Here are some helpful tips: set a budget, prioritize components like the GPU and CPU, consult a professional, understand customization options, and consider aesthetic preferences. By considering these factors, parents can choose the perfect gaming PC for their child’s needs.