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Coaching in esports is a large undertaking, but we are here to help every step of the way. Whether you find yourself embarking on your first coaching job or are filling the need of expansion in your college, we have the resources and education to power you and your students to become leaders in the industry.

Through topics such as health & fitness, community & inclusion, player recruitment, and the global games market, equip yourself with the knowledge needed to guide a successful esports program.

Esport Supply

At Esport Supply, we believe the esports arena is at the heart of any gaming community.  We empower college, university, and high school students, to connect with communities, create engaging experiences for their peers, and captivate fans through competitive gaming.

We have worked with over 60+ institutions on facility build outs, curriculum for esports coaches and student leaders, and procurement of the best esports gaming PCs and furniture in the industry.

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Ben Bramley

Ben Bramley, Head Coach of Esports at Keyano College

“The format is incredibly helpful for the depth of topics. Switching between videos, audio, and text to detailed infographics and sourced articles has helped in practice with my players.”

Chris Turner

Coordinator of MRVIGES Institute

“Whatever you need, they are an A to Z solution. It’s not just about esports and gaming, it’s the educational piece as well.”

Daniel Lawrence

Director of Campus Recreation, Utah State University

“We have been very busy working with key stakeholders on campus to identify a location to renovate for our Esports Arena. The information was very helpful in our efforts to tell the story of Esports at USU and future opportunities.”

John Pierre

Chancellor, Southern University Law Center

“They saw that having the space here would contribute to the diversity, equity and inclusion in esports.”

Marla Dickerson

Vice Chancellor, Southern University Law Center

“Esports Supply really honed in on what we had and how we could make it work.”

Paula Snyder

Executive Director, Cattaraugus County Campus

“Esport Supply was the company that could give us what we needed within the budget that we had to spend with a maximum amount of product for our dollars and the professionalism and the way that it looks is unmatched.”

Tony Perez

Sport Club Coordinator and the Wildcat Gaming lobby coordinator at California State University, Chico

“We got them the dimensions of the space and told them what we were looking for. This was our budget, this was our price range, this is what we’re trying to do in this space and they’re like, say no more, I gotcha.”

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