best mousepads for gamers

3 Ways the Right Mousepad Will Help You Game Better

When putting together your dream gaming setup, a mousepad is a small but important piece of the puzzle. A good mousepad can up your in-game performance, enhance your overall comfort, and alleviate the risk of some serious wrist pain. If you’re still not sure, here are some ways a mousepad can level up your game. 


For gamers, mousepads can be crucial to aim and in-game movements.

Most games incorporate a variety of mouse movements, including flicking (a fast and precise shot across the screen) and tracking (steadily following a target).

Having your mouse on an uneven surface, or a surface that’s too small, can disrupt these movements and make it difficult to play your best. 


On top of improving your aim, mousepads can also help keep your desk space clean and tidy.

The fast and frequent mouse movement that many games require can leave scratches or streaks on your desk surface if it’s not protected with a mousepad.

It’s much easier (and cheaper) to replace your mousepad after the wear and tear rather than your whole desk. 


Many gamers who play aim-intensive games can get painful wrist and arm conditions like carpal tunnel, which occurs after heavy use of fine motor skills. A standard, soft mousepad already helps by softening any mouse movements you make.

Ergonomic mousepads with cushions also help by elevating your wrist to a more natural angle.