ESport Supply discord community

Discord Basics

Discord is the cornerstone of every gaming community.

Without Discord, clubs, events, and groups would struggle to thrive in the gaming world.

Thanks to its gamer-adjacent branding, Discord is almost universally used by gamers for talking, chatting, connecting, video calling, and sharing their everyday lives. Esports programs that are able to effectively market and use their school discords gain advantage of the vast student involvement and interest that already is endemic to the platform.

Let’s walk through how to set-up your Discord…

join or create a Discord community, and how to start getting involved — no matter the level of play you are at.

  • Discord utilizes groups called ‘servers’ to house like-minded people under one banner. These servers often revolve around different game titles, different hobbies (like art, cooking, the city you live in), or even individual friend groups.
  • Once your Discord profile is created, the first thing you will want to do is to find communities (or servers) that resonate with your hobbies. After joining some, looking to activate your Discord School Hub will be a good start to find students within your community that are already being involved in anything from Math Tutoring help to Casual Game nights.
  • Discord will bring the culture and tangibility of games to your community, the final step is moderating and making sure that new students feel welcomed within their new ‘virtual’ home.

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