Aurora, New Champ for League of Legends

Aurora, League’s Newest Champion: A Spirit Walker’s Dance on the Rift

Aurora, League’s Newest Champion: A Spirit Walker’s Dance on the Rift

The League of Legends universe is expanding once again with the introduction of Aurora;

A Freljordian Vastaya who bridges the material and spirit realms.

But does this unique champion have what it takes to make an impact on the competitive scene?

Let’s dive into her abilities, potential playstyles, and speculate on her viability in pro play.

Aurora’s Abilities:

  • Spirit Abjuration (Passive): Aurora’s passive empowers her with Spirit Mode after hitting an enemy three times, granting her movement speed and healing. This is enhanced by every additional spirit following her, encouraging continuous attacks.
  • Twofold Hex (Q): A versatile spell that allows Aurora to deal damage and mark enemies, setting up for a powerful follow-up attack that draws the spirit energy back to her.
  • Across the Veil (W): Aurora’s signature move, granting invisibility and Spirit Mode upon landing, opening up numerous possibilities for ganks, escapes, and surprise attacks.
  • The Weirding (E): A blast of spirit magic that damages and slows enemies, while also providing Aurora with a slight knockback for added mobility.
  • Between Worlds (R): Creates a rift to the spirit realm, dealing damage, slowing enemies, and allowing her to traverse the area with empowered Spirit Mode.

Pro Play Potential:

Aurora’s unique blend of mobility, damage, and utility makes her a promising contender for the professional scene.

Her ability to weave in and out of the spirit realm, combined with her potential for burst damage and crowd control, could make her a valuable asset in both solo lanes and the jungle.

Her Across the Veil (W) ability is particularly intriguing for pro play, offering a unique tool for flanking, escaping, and setting up ganks.

Combined with her ultimate, Between Worlds (R), Aurora could become a disruptive force in team fights, creating chaos and disorienting opponents.

However, her success in pro play will depend on how well she fares against the current meta and how teams adapt to her unique playstyle.

Her reliance on Spirit Mode for maximum effectiveness could make her vulnerable to champions with strong crowd control or anti-mobility tools.

A New Era for League of Legends?

Aurora’s introduction marks a significant shift in League of Legends champion design.

Her connection to the spirit realm and her representation of neurodiversity add depth and richness to the game’s lore and character roster.

Whether she becomes a staple pick in pro play or a beloved champion in casual matches,

Aurora’s presence is sure to leave a lasting impact on the Summoner’s Rift.

As players experiment with her unique abilities and discover new strategies, Aurora’s potential is limitless.

Only time will tell if this spirit walker will rise to become a legend in her own right.