collegiate esports Case Study

Saint Xavier University

What We Did

Esport Supply worked with Saint Xavier University to help plan and build out their newest co-ed sport, esports.

With the help of administrators and the passion from the students, Esport Supply helped structure a program that would attract all sorts of gamers around campus and in so giving them a space to grow a community and relationships.

  • 32 Gaming Stations (PC’s, Peripherals, Desks, Chairs)
  • Project Management
  • 2D design and 3D design
  • Infrastructure analysis
  • Internet review
  • Esports Remote Help Desk
  • Esports Supply Academy
  • Lounge Area
  • 3 Console Gaming Areas
  • Coach’s Room
feasibility study

Esport Supply was able to create a feasibility study for Saint Xavier that revealed the current interest of esports on campus, recommended what steps SXU needed to take in order to bring the community to life, and helped plan out what the future of an esports team would look like.

In a space that was once the campus bookstore now sits Saint Xavier University’s Esports Arena. Competition began in Fall of 2022, with over 40 competitors on the team in their first semester. With titles such as League of Legends, Overwatch, Valorant, Rocket League and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. SXU’s esports arena is equipped with 32 Gaming Stations, a plethora of lounge space with several console gaming areas, coach’s room, and a designated team room. Everything a student needs to be successful inside and out of the game. The team offers a wide array of roles to take part in including broadcasting, production, social media, and team management.


Daniel DeMarte

Daniel DeMarte, JCC President

When we first started looking at where we would consider offering e-sports, we started in Chautauqua County, and when that conversation started, the partner we brought in was only working on large spaces, much larger than what we’re talking about here. They weren’t interested in small spaces. In fact, they may have said something along the lines that it couldn’t wor… Read More

George Sisson

George Sisson, Director of Athletics & Recreation JCC

So our institution made a commitment to try to grow the enrollment annually on campus, which is one of our branch campuses. And we did some research on what is out there and what’s available, not only for what growth there is in the sport, but also we can attract students from this region. And so EA Sport was a hot topic or hot trigger. And so that was the area in w… Read More

Paula Snyder

Executive Director, Cattaraugus County Campus

“Esport Supply was the company that could give us what we needed within the budget that we had to spend with a maximum amount of product for our dollars and the professionalism and the way that it looks is unmatched.”

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