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5 Tips for Choosing Gaming Peripherals

So you’re starting your gaming journey, and you’ve got a brand-new PC on the way. You might be wondering: What’s next? 

Whether you’re on a computer or a console, you’ll be needing peripherals to complete your gaming setup. Monitors, keyboards, headsets, and other accessories and furniture can be crucial for your comfort and gaming performance. It’s important that you choose the right ones, so here are some tips.  


PCs and consoles both use monitors, and your average computer monitor at the public library is a far cry from the high-quality screens required for many games.

Generally, gamers should pay attention to a monitor’s resolution (number of pixels displayed), response time (time it takes for pixels to change), and refresh rate (frames per second that your monitor can withstand). Shoot for a monitor with a high resolution, a low response time, and a high refresh rate. 


Most PC gamers use mechanical keyboards to enhance their gaming experience. In terms of specs, there generally isn’t a big difference between regular mechanical keyboards and keyboards labeled as “gaming keyboards”.

The distinction is that most gaming keyboards are equipped with RGB lights and offer more switch options.

A standard mechanical keyboard may be more budget-friendly if you don’t have a preference about appearance, and you can still customize your board with separate keycaps. 


If you’re on a console, or prefer not to use a keyboard and mouse when you game, you’ll need a gaming controller.

A good controller is sturdy, lightweight, and has programmable buttons to suit any game.

Controllers come in different sizes, so if you have small hands, a controller that is smaller than standard size may be more comfortable.

Wireless controllers are also worth considering if you like more mobility when you game, but keep in mind that it may be more expensive than a wired controller with the same specs.


For both console and PC, headsets can allow you to game without disturbing those around you.

A good headset can also improve your gamesense by helping you focus on the in-game environment.

For gaming, it’s important to find a headset that fits comfortably on your head and provides high-quality surround sound. Like controllers, headsets can also be wireless, but these tend to be less budget-friendly than wired options.

If you’re looking to combine your headset and microphone, try to make sure that it has a good input quality as well. 


Besides peripheral devices, other gaming accessories can make a big difference in your gaming comfort.

It’s not unusual for gamers to experience pain or discomfort when spending long hours playing games.

You can easily minimize this by investing in a high-quality mouse pad for wrist and arm support, and a good gaming chair for back support.

Remember to adjust your chair correctly for maximum comfort: Your monitor should be at eye-level, and your armrests should be the same height as your desk. 

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