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Through an upfront Needs Analysis, Esports Supply provides recommendations for gaming facility furniture and equipment—then helps with procurement and on-site installation to ensure our clients have one partner throughout their entire build process.  We offer customizable colors, branding and logos, as well as many ADA compliant options, for professional and collegiate teams. Whether you are looking for gaming desks and chairs, lounge furniture, or a streaming setup, we have you covered.

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What We Do

Spatial planning through 2D and 3D design

Furniture selection

  • Gaming desk
  • Gaming chair
  • Streaming / Broadcasting / Shoutcasting desk
  • Lounge furniture
  • Check-in desk
  • Stage desk
  • Console stations
  • Entertainment center
  • Casual seating

Furniture design

  • Fabric
  • Color
  • Logo/Branding



Our Process

Through our consultative process, we make sure your organization gets the right furniture, fabric, colors, branding, and warranties to meet your esport facility needs. We provide full-service gaming facility furniture procurement and on-site installation to ensure a seamless experience. Working with one company through all stages of the furniture & interior selection process (versus coordinating between multiple vendors) ensures both speed and cost savings for your esports arena.

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