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Gaming PCs

Gaming PCs are at the core identity of any esports facility—they empower users to play the games they love. At Esport Supply, we are vendor-neutral and look to make the best fit for your facility based on the needs of your community and staff. Through our upfront Needs Analysis, we provide gaming PC & peripheral procurement, plus onsite installation to ensure our clients have a partner throughout their entire build process.

Our Vendor Partners

Gaming PCs

  • ASUS (Predator)
  • Dell (Alienware)
  • Lenovo (Legion)
  • MSI
  • Razer


  • Corsair
  • Hyper X
  • Logitech

Our Process

Through our in-depth Design & Build process, we go through a Gaming PC Needs Analysis, which will help investors determine the right PCs for their space. We take into account coach & gamer preferences, price, supply chain availability, and aesthetic to deliver a detailed recommendation for our stakeholders.

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