Esports Networking

5 Ways To Network In Esports

Meeting & Interacting w/ People on Social Media

The easiest and most common way to meet and interact with people is by doing it on social media, specifically Twitter. Twitter is where all esports organizations, content creators, and personalities go to build and interact with their fanbase. From there it’s really easy to find people you share common interests with. Engaging with people with the same interests as you is the easiest way to make connections in any esports scene.

Communicate on Discord/Teamspeak

As a gamer, we use things like discord and teamspeak to play games with our friends, but those platforms can be used to network with others in the scene. The next step to meeting people on social media is by communicating with them via voice. In today’s time where most people in the scene have webcams, you could go a step further and use the video option to have an even more personable feel to communicating.

Comment on Blogs and Forums

Another great way to network in esports is by commenting on blogs and forums dedicated to gaming. If you see something interesting on one of these websites, leave a comment and tell them what you think about it! If someone else comments on one of your posts, reply back—this is a good way to start a conversation with another person who is interested in the same things as you are!

Join an online community

There are plenty of online communities where you can connect with other people who are interested in esports. For example, Reddit has several subreddits dedicated to gaming and esports (such as /r/LeagueOfLegends) that you can join and engage with other members of the community. You might even find others who live near you!

Traveling to a Live Tournament/Event

The final and most impactful way of networking in esports is attending a live event in person. There is nothing that can compare to in person communication and the ability to interact in real time with someone. You’ll be able to network with other esports fans, as well as professionals who have been in the industry for years.