How to Get Recruited for Esports

Collegiate Esports: 3 Tips On How to Get Recruited

College esports is the next frontier for the industry, and more and more schools are starting to offer scholarships for top players. If you’re interested in joining the ranks of collegiate esports players, here are three tips for getting recruited:


It’s important to put yourself out there and not be hidden from college recruiters. There are many platforms where players can share gameplay of themselves, upload content, and build a following. eFuse, for example, has features that allow any type of player to customize their profile with their social media links, build a portfolio with accomplishments and events, and show experience in gaming, work, and education. Everything college esport recruiters are looking for, all in one profile.

Stay Plugged In is another phenomenal tool that allows for prospective players to show interest in being recruited. Stay Plugged In allows for colleges to contact you directly through the platform. Players can add VODs and highlights, and can search through a long list of colleges that offer scholarships for any specific esport. A huge advantage for players is that Stay Plugged In hosts weekly events and showcases tournaments that each have a $100-$1,000 prizing and allow for students to play virtually in front of recruiters. They also host events with opportunities such as educational panels, job fairs, parental panels, and even one on one sessions with recruiters.

Each of these platforms have discords which allows for easy communication between other recruits, new opportunities, and college recruiters. It’s a good idea to reach out to esport directors or coaches of your favorite schools and introduce yourself. Let them know you’re interested and deserving to be on their radar.

Uploading Content & Self Promotion

As a player, it is a smart idea to start promoting yourself and building your socials. Don’t be afraid to show off your gameplay. Esport coaches want to see you play not just your stats or rank. One of the most popular platforms is Twitch saves the past broadcasts of streamers making it easy for anyone to check out your skill if you aren’t live. They also have a video producer dashboard that allows for the streamer to create their own highlight reel.

A highlight video is a great way to show colleges what you’re made of and make a great first impression. Show your best plays and showcase your talent in a quick 1-2minute video. Include your basic contact information such as gamertag, Discord ID, role, rankings, any accolades, and even your GPA so recruiters know how to reach you.

Good Academic Standings

If you’re looking to get recruited by a college esports program and continue your higher education than staying within good academic standings is the number one most important thing that recruiters look at when searching for players.

It’s easy to get distracted by the idea of going to school for video games however; academics, class attendance, and involvement are all things that recruiters are looking for. These aspects are just as important as your rank.

Being a student-athlete takes more than just being good at the game, if you even want the chance at making the varsity roster, keep up with your academics.