Microsoft HoloLens2



Microsoft HoloLens2 Industrial Edition English – For PC – Bluetooth – Windows 10 – Black

Bringing mixed reality to regulated industrial environments

Deploy HoloLens 2 Industrial Edition in restricted environments without modifying your space, protocols, or workflows.

Designed for immersion and interactivity

This untethered mixed reality device features industry-leading solutions that deliver an immersive experience-all enhanced by the reliability, security, and scalability of cloud and AI services from Microsoft.

Clean room compatible

With an ISO 14644-1 Class 5 rating, HoloLens 2 Industrial Edition enables the capabilities of mixed reality in highly controlled environments.

Intrinsically safe

HoloLens 2 Industrial Edition is suitable for use in Class I, Division 2-Groups A, B, C, and D hazardous location environments.

Rapid Replacement Program

HoloLens 2 Industrial Edition is supported with a 2-year warranty and a Rapid Replacement Program, which minimizes downtime with advanced exchange and expedited shipping.

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