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At Esport Supply, we believe the esports arena is at the heart of any gaming community. We empower Colleges & Universities, K-12, and private esport facility owners to connect with communities, create engaging experiences for students, and captivate fans through esports.

We have worked with over 90+ institutions on facility buildouts, curriculum for esports coaches and student leaders, and procurement of the best esports gaming PCs and furniture in the industry.


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Facility Services

Esport Supply Design, Build & Procurement process makes designing the ideal esport facility easy. Esport Supply Support Services are designed to make sure your investment pays off and your community continues to grow over the long term.

Working with one company through all stages of the process versus marrying together multiple vendors ensures speed and lower cost.


Esport Supply Academy

Esport Supply Academy empowers students, coaches, and administrators to navigate the esports industry with the help of our Esports Experts. Our experts are former players, coaches, and club founders that have lived through all stages of scholastic esports development and focus on the Need-To-Know concepts and trainings.

The Academy program is a semi-autonomous, module-based learning program covering topics from Student Leadership to Community Events and everything in between. Through the academy program, the user will enhance their own knowledge of the industry, as well as bolster their school, organization, or own program.